Hi everyone my name is Steve Raymundo, and I was born in New York but raised in Mexico. I am currently a sophomore at the City College of New York. At this point, my energy is focused on achieving my goal of becoming an Astro-physicist. This goal arose when I was a little kid. I remember going to the nearest library for the search of a book that until now has changed my life- Astronomy: a guide for the amateur. Things like the artistic representations of the planet’s surface, distance from the earth, solar cycles, and the colors of each world fascinated me. Every single time my professors talked about the solar system and the universe in general, my mind took me on a trip years into the future where I portrayed myself as a brighter astronomer. That was roughly twelve years ago. In the last few years, I have realized that my passion for my family and Astronomy are natural callings that I am destined to follow.

Nevertheless, one of the skills that is giving me a hard time to master is Writing. Writing must be at the interface of a well-formed scientist. Therefore, the course: Writing for the Sciences, was a requirement for my major in Physics. Throughout the semester I have come to realize that my writings skill improved moderately but with a solid foundation. For instance, the course required the writing of multiple papers that vary from stance, and genres. Much more detail is enclosed in the self-assessment reflection. Overall, I notice that I have enhanced my critical thinking skills in the branch of skepticism, analysis, evaluation of factual evidence and self/peer corrections. Each essay required the reading of journals, books, articles, and studies from a range of different experts and other scientific areas. Along those lines, my awareness of loopholes, analysis, and reading skills improved. In the end, I feel that I progressed in the look of reliable sources, and writing towards specific audiences. Another useful tool was the responses in blackboard. These helped me to understand the majority of the learning outcomes. At the end of the day, I attached the takeaways from my writing and combined with a reflection post in Blackboard. The combination of both gave me the understanding that in reality, I was making some progress as a writer.